Our Story

İstanbul Luxury Yacht Rental has been founded by Emre Özkiper, Halil Duran and Roberto Carby, one of the most respected professionals in yacht rentals and tours in Turkey for years. In additon to yacht rentals, they have other partnerships in other fields of tourism. They run a travel company called Eureka Travel and a hair transplant company called Universal Hair Transplant.

We owe our success to the diligence, passion and care we dedicate to maintaining our yachts, crafting our tours and welcoming travellers to our breathtaking home that we call İstanbul.

To guarantee you are provided with the ultimate luxury experience both on board and on shore, we offer a comprehensive treatment covering concierge services and exclusive luxury accommodations.

We will manage all of your extra activities, taking the stress away from you. Tell us what you need and we will organise it immediately.

Why You'll Love Luxury Yacht Rental Istanbul

Exclusive Guest Service
We serve to guests that expects nothing but the best, and we constantly strive to raise the bar.
Exquisite Yacht Designs
The styling of the structure and the hull makes an exquisite balance, a combination of very simple sleek lines, while still giving a powerful dynamic look. It allows our Luxury yachts to journey fast and comfortable in the narrow shores of Bosphorus Strait.
Free High-Speed Wireless Internet
We have installed free uninterrupted WiFi service on all of our boats for your convenience. .
Hotel Pick-Up & Drop Off
We can arrange a Pick-up & Drop-Off from your Hotel / Airbnb / House at a small additional fee with our luxurious vehicles.