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Couple enjoys private dinner by Michelin chef on Istanbul yacht.


Luxury yacht anchored in a secluded bay near Istanbul, offering a peaceful escape.
LUX ÇNG luxury yacht cruising the Bosphorus with 150 guests.
Luxurious LUX ÇNG yacht offering advanced amenities in Istanbul.
VIP guests enjoying a private party on a luxury yacht in Istanbul's vibrant waters
Luxury yacht tender service ready to explore the hidden beaches around Istanbul
On-board live music entertainment on a luxury yacht, enhancing the Istanbul daytime cruise experience
Sunset view from a luxury yacht on the Bosphorus, blending natural beauty with opulence
Guests enjoy premium comfort and entertainment on LUX ÇNG yacht.
Luxurious LUXURY ÇNG yacht cruising on the Bosphorus, offering exclusive sailing experiences in Istanbul."
Spacious deck of LUXURY ÇNG, designed for up to 35 guests, setting sail on Istanbul’s majestic waters.
Spacious deck of LUXURY ÇNG, designed for up to 35 guests, setting sail on Istanbul’s majestic waters.
Elegant dinner setup on LUX ÇNG with stunning views of Istanbul.
Elegant dining setup aboard LUXURY ÇNG with panoramic views of the Istanbul coastline, accommodating
Modern LUX ÇNG yacht equipped with high-tech navigation systems.
Sunset views from the deck of LUX ÇNG in Istanbul.
Celebrating luxury and sophistication aboard LUX ÇNG on the Bosphorus.


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Experience the Ultimate in Luxury with LUX ÇNG: A Premier Yacht Charter in Istanbul

Embark on an unforgettable journey aboard LUX ÇNG, a premier yacht rental offering unparalleled experiences on the majestic waters of the Bosphorus. At an impressive 24,7 meters in length and 8,90 meters in width, this yacht stands as one of the largest and most luxurious in our Bosphorus Yacht Rental fleet, specifically tailored for families and active charters.

Unmatched Capacity and Comfort: LUX ÇNG is perfectly designed to accommodate up to 150 guests, making it an ideal choice for large family gatherings, corporate events, or grand celebrations. The thoughtful dinner layout caters comfortably to 80 people, providing an intimate and sophisticated dining experience with stunning views of Istanbul's coastline.

State-of-the-Art Facilities:

  • Powerful Performance: Equipped with twin 440 Hp Yanmar engines, LUXURY ÇNG promises smooth and powerful cruising at a maximum speed of 17 knots.
  • Advanced Electrical System: The yacht's 220V-24V-12V electrical system ensures all your devices stay powered throughout your journey.
  • Climate Control: Enjoy a pleasant atmosphere regardless of the weather outside, thanks to the efficient air-conditioning system onboard.
  • Entertainment and Connectivity: A 55-inch flat-screen TV with international channels offers endless entertainment, while complimentary tea and coffee add to the cozy ambiance. Stay connected with the world using our complimentary wireless internet access.
  • Refreshments: The minibar, available for an extra charge, is stocked with a variety of beverages to suit all tastes.
  • Comfort and Convenience: Modern WC facilities are available for the comfort and convenience of all guests.

An Unparalleled Sailing Experience: Cruising on LUX ÇNG isn't just about the destination; it's about the journey. Whether you're soaking in the sun on the spacious deck, enjoying a gourmet meal with breathtaking views, or relaxing in the elegantly appointed cabins, every moment aboard LUX ÇNG is a celebration of luxury and exclusivity.

General features
L.O.A: 24.7 MT
Beam: 8.90 MT
Guest carrying capacity: 150
Dining Capacity: 80

Please review our flexible Cancellation Policy for details on booking modifications and cancellations. Click here for full terms and conditions.

-We kindly request our guests to be ready 5 minutes before the agreed departure time.

- Smoking is allowed on the yacht.

-When physical conditions are okay to start the tour and there is no official restrictions from government, then the tour will start and there will be no cancellation. By this token, customers cannot request to cancel the tour when it is windy or rainy when the company sees no obstacle.

- If there are kids in the group, their safety belongs to their parents or people in charge.

-Luxury Yacht Rental Istanbul is not responsible for any loss or larceny of personal belongings during the tour. If the company finds anything belonging to guests, company will immediately return it back to customers.

- Please be on time at the meeting points during the tour period agreed with the tour program.

- If the guests ask for anything extra that is non-complimentary and not included in the agreed program, then the guest should pay for it.

-In the event of emergency, the yacht will dock to the closest point and an ambulance will be called immediately.

- Hat and sunglasses on summer days, umbrella on rainy days and warm clothing on winter days are advised.


In most of our Luxury Yachts you can bring your own food and/or beverages. There is a small fee for that. We will keep glasses/plates ready at your service. Please contact us for more information.

It depends. If your hotel is located near the coastline or if the yachts
are officially allowed to dock to the hotel pier, then you do not need transfer.
Otherwise, we can organise your pick-up and drop off transfers from/to your
hotel/apartment in return for a service fee. Alternatively, you can arrive to yacht
starting point by yourself and we will send you the location in advance.

All our yacht fleet offers many services and make arrangements based on
customer wishes. Among them, the company can arrange birthday setup, anniversary
setup, marriage proposal setup, belly dancer, live music, DJ, security, special
decoration, laser and light shows, on and on.

The yachts offer breakfast, lunch, sunset and dinner options. There are actually
4 different types of menues available. Fish, chicken, meat and vegetarian
menus. Additionally; snacks, cocktails and seasonal fruits can be added to your
program in return for some additional fee. Apart from that, water and hot
drinks like Turkish tea and coffee are complimentary.

The Bosphorus yacht
tours offer views of iconic landmarks like the Hagia Sophia, Topkapı Palace
from the Bosphorus, along with the city's picturesque coastline and bridges.
You will also enjoy and sail along the most important highlights located on the
coastline. Dolmabahçe Palace, Anadolu Hisarı, Leander’s Tower, Çırağan Palace,
Ortaköy Mosque, Rumeli Fortress and Çamlıca Hill and Beylerbeyi Palace, just to
name a few…

The Bosphorus yacht tours
offer a unique perspective of Istanbul's rich history as you sail along the
Bosphorus. Witnessing the city's historical landmarks from the water provides a
distinct view into how Istanbul has been a crucial bridge between different
civilizations and cultures throughout its history.

Guest Praises: Nautical Elegance Personified


The best way to see Istanbul is definitely on their luxury yachts.


From booking to disembarking, everything was seamless and perfect.


An extraordinary experience that we will recommend to everyone!


Experiencing Istanbul by yacht was a dream come true. The crew was exceptional.


A once in a lifetime experience that exceeded all our expectations.


The perfect blend of luxury, adventure, and impeccable service.

The perfect blend of luxury, adventure, and impeccable service.

Our special occasion was made even more memorable with their attention to detail.

Elegant 32-meter yacht docked in Istanbul, perfect for large parties.

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